Friday, December 9, 2011


JB's favourite part of the day is when Mamma has to put clothes on the line.

We get to spend sometime together playing games, kicking ball, driving trucks....

relaxing on the verandah with Mamma

The weather has been absolutely beautiful,
perfect spring weather:
damp, warm with that gentle cool breeze.

The BEST fun at present is to drive the truck up the verandah ramp and give to a big push down and watch it crash at the end - great entertainment!

It amazes me how kids can pretend play with anything!

JB found a small piece of cardboard left from fixing up the watering system,
and managed to turn it into a phone.

Fair Warning for those who insist on talking on their phone while driving!

- it can be very dangerous!

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear :)
    He is so cute!!! Love the big truck ~ every boys dream! Eli wants to be a farmer like Col so he can have a big truck!!
    It seems even my boys love their bits & pieces of cardboard ~ warning though you will find their "treasures" in many hidden spaces & always use a coloured rubbish bag so they can't see you throw them out!
    Have a good weekend ~ I need to email you


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