Monday, December 12, 2011

Introducing: Chips and Caramel

Charlie, our delightful jersey cow
 had her second calf last night!

Somewhere between 9 and 11pm our newest addition was born.
We went out to check her at 9.
She was definitely having contractions, but I thought she would be a while away yet.
Back out we went before we went to bed - (in my PJ's of course!)
And there she was!

Once again I missed the all important event!
Boo Hiss!

Charlie, Chocco (older sister) and Chips

We had a trip to the sale yards today.
Bought another heifer calf for her to raise.


She has far too much milk...
Although at this stage, hte process of her becoming attached to Caramel doesn't seem to be working as well as last year.



  1. I look forward in seeing your pictures ~ actually I could just come over if I had a car that works ~ grrrr....
    Looking forward to seeing you guys tonight. For dinner wasn't it????
    LOL ~ should I call again???
    Have fun

  2. Oh my! Your cows are just gorgeous! I love the newest addition!


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