Thursday, December 8, 2011

God's work in us reflected in His creation

We planted a very tiny little seedling
- It was like all things small, quite cute and fresh.

Over the past two years we nurtured it.
Water, mulch and weeding around it,
giving it all it need to grow well.

and it has.

Now, this tree is scraggly and rather ugly,
we wondered why we planted such an unsightly tree in such a prominent position in our developing garden. 

As most mornings, we wondered through our garden,
exclaiming over the growth of this, and the pests on that, and the beautiful flowers here and there.

And to our amazement -
 a huge bud developing on the most ugly tree that we have!

Every morning then, with coffee in hand, we looked with anticipation for the spectacular flower to open.

Slowly, ever so slowly
- weeks past until there was a tiny crack in the gum nut.

Days past by,
- then a wild storm and a few millimeters more...

Yet another day,
- a most delicate, but large pink blossom.

As I sat and mulled over these things with a great coffee in hand,
I realised that this was a reflection of what happens in our lives.

We start off as a tender plant, drawing in all that is around us in this world.
Quite cute and seemingly innocent.

As time goes by we become marred by sin and selfishness,
What we were created to be is hidden - making us look scraggy under the weight of sin

We come to Christ for forgiveness and and his life has been given willing for us ~
A gift that we can never repay.

And as we learn and grow in Faith, God works in our lives.
Slowly but surely our lives will reflect this beauty.

Just like our scraggly tree, God works in our lives to produce beautiful things.
We become useful, fruitful - what God has created us to be!

And so now when I look at my straggly tree, I am reminded of the work that Christ is doing in me everyday.
 I pray that I might be useful, fruitful and reflect His beauty.

Praying this for your life too,



  1. Something beautiful, something good...

  2. So true! I haven't sung that song for the longest time. Awesome words when you stop to think about the words!

  3. What a lovely story... I enjoyed that very much Binny... And the piccy too - very unique. :)


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