Monday, October 31, 2011

Farewell to Nanna

It's amazing how much little people watch!
Have a look at our little man putting up his "bad" knee on a pillow "just like Nanna"!
Today was a sad day - we said farewell to Nanna living with us after seven weeks.
I'm not sure who is going to miss who the most!

Special Times To Remember

The special games that you can only play with your wonderful Nanna!
Boo! Nanna!

Great Nanna Cuddles!

Master Cool

Who said boys don't eat their greens?
JB October 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Saturday was the day for our annual shearing.
Stuart came and used our old portable shearing plant.

Chops, 3 older ewes, 6 maiden ewes, 6 lambs from the old girls, 3 pets from this year and 1 ram (Duddley) were all done.
I love looking at clean, white sheep on the green lucerne!
The next afternoon I cooked piklets, Damo said I need to do something domestic and ladyish after helping with the sheep...
nah ;)

New Spring Babies!

Today our second new baby lamb arrived! 
Our pet lambs from last year are having their first babies.
I guess that makes us Grandparents!