Friday, December 2, 2011

Millet -summer cropping on'Clayton's Run'

With all the summer rain we've had in the last week, we decided that we really needed to make the most of it.

We have a few too many animals and not quite enough feed.

Two of our cows are expecting calves any day now.

Charlie (Charlotte) our 'mum' and Chocco her 'calf'

It was only supposed to be one - we had to take Charlie's calf Chocco out to the bull with Charlie because she still had too much milk and well, you know, things will happen with animals...oops!

Thankfully, we have our own combine with a small seeds box, so we can sow pasture.
We brought some left over Millet that was already mixed with super for $1/kg from a local farmer.

Two evenings ago Damo worked up the ground and last night we sowed our first crop of millet. I sat on the back to sweep the seeds into the middle - a very dusty and precarious position with the harrows behind and the roller behind that!

Summer cropping around here is always a bit of a gamble - but then, when is farming not a gamble?


  1. Oh wow ~ I didn't know you were expecting 2 calves. We've finally talked Dave into putting Bessy in with just any bull ( well not too big, but you know ~ his obsession with Jersey bulls is over). Hopefully she'll get into calf before she's so old she dies :)
    I hope the millet crop goes well ~ where have you planted it?
    Have fun

  2. that was a little mistake - I'm sure that its ok to interbreed on the first generation isn't it? all good studs do that I'm sure!
    I tried to convince Dave at MBS the other night that any old bull would do...must have worked ;)
    Millet is in the 'dam' paddock on the eastern side of the house,hopefully it rains again soon..sorry to all the real farmers out there!
    See you tonight!


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