Thursday, December 15, 2011

Didn't know that we had joined W.I.R.E.S ~ Saving Kanga!

Damo drove the school bus for the first time in over a term
(surprised that he remembered where to go!)
On the way back he saw a Kangaroo wrapped in wire struggling to get away.

He came home, got changed and grabbed a few tools.

Of course I came along to 'help'
(please note that I was standing on the other side of the fence!),
I did manage to pass him some tools without screaming too much! (see video evidence).

We had to throw some old balnets over his head to calm him down ~ he still growled and hissed.

He was sooo grumpy (the Kanga, not Damo ;)
I hate to think how dangerous a fully grown buck would be.
We managed to free him ~ He stood up and went to fight Damo,
 until Damo backed off rather quickly.

He took off all out of balance,
but still managed to clear the fence and make good his escape!

JB was very impressed with the hop-hop from his vantage point in the car!


  1. Thanks for the video & pics! The boys are here watching!!

    I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. I just did my list & so far it's looking pretty good ~ only about 3 pressies to go (plus a few little extras to bulk out here & there). Should get it all done in 6 hours :)
    Have a great day & thanks for coming last night ~ we had heaps of fun! I have the washing up to do now ( or after I get off the computer)

  2. Wow! A kangaroo! How neat! That last photo is so funny! It looks as though the kanga is pointing back and saying "you da man!" ;)


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