Friday, December 2, 2011

Fresh-as-a-daisy! Herbs

There is nothing quite like your own fresh home grown garden herbs - they can really improve all manner of dishes - you can cheat with a base and make it all your own with just a little of this and that!

This spring I completely over hauled my entire vegie patch (it was way to big and unmanageable). Part of that massive patch was my herbs (some slowly being taken over by weeds, and others over taking the vegies!). I pulled them out split them up and brought some fresh ones, like basil that won't survive over the winter.

Paisley, Thyme, Basil, Garlic and Onion

I thought I'd share with you one of our meals (last night in fact!) that I use our lovely fresh herbs in!
So here is our very own Spag Bol!
 - I'm hoping to make our own sauce over summer with the loads of tomatoes we are going to have (fingers crossed).

 A few leaves of spinach were also picked, JB delighted in picking this and carrying it inside for 'Mamma'. This spinach plant came up all by it self (in the strawberry patch of course!) I was quite surprised - I've never managed to grow things from my own seeds.


  1. YUM! That looks wonderful! I love your herb garden~ you haven't seen mine, but it's kinda out of control in places (like my rosemary & mint :) )
    Any tips on growing mint ~ I'm writing a post about it!
    I like your new blog look ~ love the layout!
    Looking forward to seeing you guys tonight!

  2. Mint! - its nearly a weed! My grandma gave me some great pointers - it takes over pretty well everywhere, esp if its warm and moist. Grandma suggested to grow it in a pot in the ground - that way it cant escape and you dont have to worry about watering it like a pot, it just gets water with everything else there. It seems to be working - I have mine in a cement pot, I think a plastic one is likely to break too easily. Have you ever made your own mint sauce? I'll post up how Grandma use to make hers - its awesome! Also fantastic in potato salad!

  3. Why do you ruin the meat with the green stuff?



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