Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Helen & Joe baby update

Good morning everyone,
Today is a wet one, not far away some people have had 6" overnight on already saturated ground!
We have had almost 2".

So here is a short update on Helen and the bub.

Helen was admitted to Hospital on Monday - just observation

Tuesday morning they gave her "pills" to induce labour,
and then sent her down to the markets?!?!?!?!?!?
she was to go back at 4pm for more tablets.

Joe was going to get Helen some tea from the market when we spoke to him last night.
We are hoping that he finds out what these pills are so we can find out if they are safe....

PLEASE pray that they ARE the safe ones...

love Corinne xxoo

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Dearest Friends.....
Today I NEED you to join me in prayer!

Three years ago Damien and I went on a short missions trip to
Mt Hagen, PNG.
We helped build the building you can see behind the photo of myself and the beautiful baby.

Such a rugged beauty, such genuine struggling but loving people,
You had to be touched somewhere deep within your soul.

We became the best of friends with Joe and Helen.

We learnt that they had lost a baby boy to still birth just before our second trip.
Such a terrible thing!
and then again TWINS to still birth 12 months later.
We decided to raise some money to get them to Australia to see our Doctor,
to discover what was going wrong.

Through our church and local community we got them here!
We found out when they arrived that Helen was 19 weeks pregnant!!!!
Do you know what was wrong?
The most simple thing
Urinary Tract Infection.
Just a simple course of antibiotics....

Here is the beautiful Jo-ann!

She is now 18 mths old and talking REALLY well
(fancy trying to learn 4 different languages along side each other!)

Helen's next baby is a week over due
 they are going to do a 'forced' (induction) labour
In PNG this is VERY scary
 - the conditions,
the expertise,
the risks are extreme

Pray for HELEN
Pray for the BABY
Pray for JOE

that all will be well
- that we will have a healthy mum
and a healthy bub.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Summer Harvest

A selection of our Summer Harvest
Well this summer has been incredible for growing pretty well anything!

I don't think there has been a week go by without any rain - this is highly irregular here for summer!

Most summers we are struggling
with sun burn on all our fruit and vegetables,
struggling to have enough water
(our only water supply comes from our smallish dam and tanks on our house),
and wondering if it would be a whole lot easier if you just bought it all!

Usually we have crazy high temperatures of between 30 and 45'c,
trying to convince yourself to do gardening in that kind of weather is just plain hard work!

Like I said this year has been such a blessing to a drought hardened lady (and garden!)
I don't think there has been a day over 37'c for the whole summer
Everyday I thank God for this little respite.

I thought I would share a picture story of the bits and pieces that I harvested so far this season.

This is my brand new herb garden (planted last October)

Yellow Butter Beans

Purple King Beans (have done super well)

Strawberries (I can pick nearly a whole 9 ltr bucket every 3 days or so) I was selling them to the little cafe in town.

Tomato (they did OK, want to do more next year)

Silver beat, Button Squash always do well here

I hang my herbs to dry in my pantry

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Summer Days?

Afternoon my lovely friends!

I feel like I am finally able to steal a few minutes to show you a few things.
It's been a hectic few weeks.

So many things to blog about
...holidays, summer harvesting, hay making...

all for another time.

Today has been such a day of contrasts,
 that I had to share them with you.

This morning it was quite cool - almost like Autumn
(I didn't say that out loud!)

I even had a cardigan on for a few hours c:

God's watercolours

After lunch I thought I'd do some much need weeding and mulching of our rose garden
Boy! was it hot and humid!

I looked up and brewing away nicely,
some storms on the horizon......

So I've been busy
putting away anything likely to blow away,
taking clothes off the line.....
(now I am enjoying my cuppa in peace
without the little man, who is sleeping peacefully, unaware) 

We are still waiting for them to hit here,
but we did have a power outage
for half an hour or so
its looking impressive on the radar!

I'll let you know c:

Our windmill