Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Straw Bales

Our garden takes a heck of a lot of mulch....

Last year I put on 300 small squares
~ yep 300!

So as you might imagine this could get quite expensive,
~if ~
you had to buy this many.

Thankfully, sometimes (like last year)
we have our own lucerne hay.

But not this year unfortunately.

So our good friend Pete offered us to help him do some for his garden
 ~ and then we could grab some too.

One Saturday afternoon in February 
"we" went out to make some hay.

( OK, I just watched and took photo's
 ~ that's kind-of work isn't it? ;)

Don't they look pretty sitting all in rows - all golden?
You just can't explain the smell of fresh hay.

Damo is driving the tractor and baler

"The baler"

looking out the back window of the tractor

Damo watching the baler carefully because it caused all sorts of trouble - breaking bales, snapping strings, knots in the wrong places....

Well, by the time we had done a lap,
 the weather was coming in fast

(some of you may have read the post
about the flooding in early March 
~ well this was the beginning of that)
You can read about that

I was pretty thankful to be sitting inside our car
~ poor Damo!

Did you know that straw sticks really well when its wet?

Damo strapping down our loaded the pouring rain!

Rain on the window pane.

The weather closing in - the last moment of sun for quite a few days.

I just thought I'd share just one last photo
~ our family c:
Damo, me and JB

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  1. Oh Dear! I guess that's where the old saying "make hay while the sun shines" comes from. You've had an awful lot of rain these days. Of course, our area is known for rain, but we should get a reprieve in July, August, and September. I hope you get a reprieve pretty soon!

  2. Hi Corinne,
    I have been enjoying reading your blog, the photo's are lovely, especially the one of the clouds and sky - amazing.
    Did you end up getting your garden in?
    Selina (Renata's sister)


I really enjoy reading what you think about our daily lives! Thanks for reading, Corinne.