Tuesday, March 6, 2012

four days and four nights ~ the big wet

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The weather forecasts were talking 'big' rain.
We tend to not believe our weather forecasters...
they like to make it up if they don't know!
During the drought they talked rain.... and talked rain...
after ten years of Drought and basically no rain
it can make you quite cynical.

It began raining on Tuesday.

It continued to rain right through until Thursday evening.

It rained so much that where our causeway was impassable to any but those with 4WD.

This is our cause way - the only way into our place when the creek is running.
This photo is looking into the bottom corner of our block - everything is about 2" inches underwater.
Our dam is overflowing and making another creek through the back paddock.

Below are some of our garden beds suffering from water logging. Some of the young trees that I planted in Spring have actually died this summer from too much water!

Our new orchard under a couple of inches of water.

We made a "dry" creek bed as part of our garden to drain water off our lawn and car parking area - totally full and over flowing into the fruit trees - just like we planned.

Water running UP towards our house after overflowing out of the dam.

The pumpkins have certainly enjoyed all this rain - they have overtaken the entire vege garden!

We have a dry creek that runs about 2 kms directly North of our place.
All the run off from our place will eventually end up in this creek.
The majority of the time it is dead dry.
In fact it is so rare, that it is running and full
that my Father (who has lived here his entire life)
has only seen it run a couple of times.

I'll tell the rest of the story by pictures....

Friday Afternoon

We own a school bus run - this was part of our run. The bus didn't run Thursday, Friday or Monday.

This is actually a road - NOT a river!

Very thankful that it was Damo driving and not me!

JB and Pa! JB thought that the BIG splashes were very funny!

This is also part of our bus run.
The house was Damo's grandparents place (couldn't resist a photo)

More of our bus run

Video of the creek running back near our place.

The mosquito's were HUGE. 

More dark rain clouds heading our way Friday night.


'Broken Dam' This is where our township was originally, until they moved about 2kms South.

The Creek had gone down considerably by Saturday morning....

The crossing to get to the towns Lake.

Sunday morning everything was back up! Large amounts of rain fell over night.

One of the streets in town - water had started to build up.

One of our good church friends house ~ Damo spent the morning trying to help them stop the water running into their house (newly carpeted!) He tried to pump it over the entrance ways with the fire truck, but it just couldn't keep up. They ended up digging out the built up drive ways.

The creek right back up.

Heading towards Weise's Dam

Just some of the water heading towards the creek.
Weise's Dam

Over -flow from Weise's Dam into 'Broken Dam'.
Broken Dam hasn't had water in it since 1994.

Looking North towards the bridge

The road to our next major centre.

Another road into town - All this water is running around the back of the main street behind the pub, out past the fire station, under the railway line and towards the creek.
The flood water backing up towards the front of the pub, because it couldn't get under the railway crossing quick enough.

Past the fire shed...

The was to our other major center heading west.

Paddocks full of water. It will be quite a while before it is dry enough for most people to start their cropping this year.

Fences washed away from the force of the water and build up of debris.

Looking towards one of the townships further down from us - completely under water.

The banks of the creek broke further down stream from us.

Paddock's and signs now submerged under the creek.

The creek.

The other alternative to get to our house and part of our school bus run.
On our way to see the small towns down stream

Saw lots of these!
Waiting to see if we could get across.

One of the little villages down stream had knee deep water run through their shops......

New grass carpet for the tennis courts washed all over town.

The raging Creek

We were blessed this time - The water stayed at 6"inches below the bridge.

Please pray for our neighbours into this week as the water travels down stream and the devastation that it is likely to cause.

May God Bless You This Week,


  1. Love your title ~ I had a similair idea :)
    You definitely have a great record ~ mine consisted of Sunday photos only. Of course we were sitting in church while you guys were playing in the water ~ & you got someone to do your SS class (picture head shaking) LOL~ JUST KIDDING!!!
    Hope you are having a nice week ~ Oh that reminds me I need to email you. Will do that when I can get on the other computer!

  2. Oh my goodness! We have torrential rains here all of the time, but our land is waterlogged and there are plenty of rivers to carry it away. Your dry land doesn't seem to soak it up too well! I hope it all goes away soon and that everyone's homes and gardens will survive. Though the water is no doubt devastating, your pictures are beautiful. The sky in your part of the world is just beautiful.

  3. Loved the photos of Nettles and Em. Then all the good photos kept coming. We talked about the flooding but I couldn't imagine it. Thanks for posting them all. See you soon.

    Uncle Mick.


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