Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This year we went off to Kiama, East Beach again.
We were so keen to get going,
we desperately needed a break from a really big end of 2011.

So keen that we packed up on the Friday afternoon instead of Saturday!
We drove a good two hours and stayed in a FREE caravan park,
with 'cool' showers and toilets and no power.

JB was just a little excited with sleeping in a 'big' bed, and not a cot.

We did have a small issue with a broken window in the caravan.....
It ended up being a real pain in the neck -
have you ever tried to find someone to fix something on the "Australia Day Long Weekend"?

Not an easy thing to do!
We found this guy eventually from Robertson,
 but we had to wait around most of Saturday until he was free.
Nice guy, did a great job, and cheap!

So much for all our trying to get there early
and enjoy a bit more holiday ~ we didn't get there
until later than normal on the Saturday....
and it would seem that it was 1 of only 3
 nice and warm sunny days!

The first swim!

The little man REALLY enjoyed the 'splash'!
No fear!

By the end of our time, JB was talking so much - new words?
Beach, Pool!

There were some beautiful evenings,
The ocean was so warm,
until three days later it was so cold
that it made your ankles ache!

'Net' (our oldest girl) and Em came down and spent a week with us.
JB had a great time!
So many repeats of Thomas the Tank Engine,
New Word?
Trying to say Em,
which kind of sounded like Dumb for a day or two!

Em spent her time being artistic, introducing us to awesome
dark chocolate and movies,
art, computer, and reading.
Damo even had a sketch done.

Net managed to score a bit of time away from JB to catch a snooze...
Some nice walks and talks with her!

A bit of fishing at the wharf.

Thomas, Thomas and more Thomas!
If it wasn't Thomas, it was Shaun the Sheep or Hi Five.

Rain, Rain, Rain!

More Rain!

Cabin Fever!

With all the wet weather I got a chance to work on a project
that I have been planning for a few years now.
The picture is a sneak peak
- it might take a few more years yet!

Rough Seas.

Beach fishing with Dad.

Reading with Dad.


Eventually it got so wet we had to be evacuated from the caravan park!

Our quite little creek that we were jumping across became a raging torrent!

This picture was taken in the morning about 7 ish, but it kept us up the night before about 3, the sound was incredible.
We made JB a bed up in the caravan and off the floor of the annexe (just in case)
There was a pretty big storm and a lightning strike with no gap between the flash and the bang that scared the life out of JB (and us!)
After that it was packing up without power..... YUCK!


The long trip home to unpack EVERYTHING and dry it all out.
Wash EVERYTHING because the humidity was so high
that even stuff in the cupboards felt wet.

I think we might need another holiday really soon...

Any ideas for Easter Holidays???

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  1. Love those pics, especially of the little man reading with his daddy! As I'm unfamiliar with your part of the world, I'd be hard pressed to suggest what to do on Easter. But after getting rained out on your camping trip, maybe a stay in a nice hotel in the city??


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