Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Dunn's Swamp"

"Dunn's Swamp"
 ~ Doesn't that sound inviting?

I mean if your good friends rang you up and
invited you on a few days holiday to "Dunn's Swamp"
wouldn't you be excited?

Even more so when they tell you that there is
NO water?
NO shower?
NO electricity?

I can tell you it took a while of mulling
 over to convince
this little red hen that
with out a shower was a good idea!

I can also tell you that some of my good friends back home
tried to convince me that it would be a
time away with my hubby!?

I'm pretty sure that after a few days with out a shower
that romantic was not the right term to use!
Perhaps rustic or rough or rugged or REVOLTING.......

we packed up
- so many blankets, lots of good food, good coffee...

Thank heavens for a caravan!!! and not a tent! :)

We travelled all Saturday
and were getting fairly close to our destination
"Dunn's Swamp",
but it was getting pretty dark by this stage
and we knew that the road on the way
into the camp ground was very rugged
and we didn't want to risk it in the dark.

We had a quick look around a tiny place called Wattle Flat....
There was nothing much there,
so we decided to see what the next place was like.

Welcome to Sofala!

What a strange and quirky little old gold rush town.
We pushed our way down the very narrow street in our caravan
There were bikers EVERYWHERE
lined up either side of the street outside the pub

One man stood right next to the car mirrors
as we drove through and tried to stare me out
I was itching to take a photo but I just could not move
 - he didn't move either and we missed him by "that much".

We thought we would drive just a little ways out of town
and see if we could find  some where to camp (we had snuck in a generator).

As we went over the bridge
we saw that there were a few people camped down beside the river.
So we thought we would check it out ~
What a strange bunch of very random people!
In fact they looked very unfriendly and a tad scary.

What to do?

We went back to Wattle Flat!

"Wattle Flat"
Easter Sunday Morning

We had a great night there -
we were parked right next to the school.

While Damo set up a few things,
JB and I played in the sand and on the play equipment.

After an early tea, a few books
and watching a little bit of
"Shaun the Sheep" on our portable DVD player,
JB went straight to sleep.
Damo and I relaxed
and read a book
to the quiet hum of a generator! :)

Have you ever seen a "drop/pit toilet"?
Ever smelt a drop toilet?
The only scary thing about Wattle Flat was the scary toilet!

Nearly full,
cleaned - NEVER,
big hairy huntsman spiders,
no toilet paper ?
(glad a I packed that;)

So off we went again, Sunday Morning.
Back down the "hill" to Sofala.
We wondered if it would be any better in broad day light!

We decided to wander around and have a look,
who can't resist the opportunity to have a pick through someones garage sale?
Damo is a "picker" from way back!
He loves a good bargain and the opportunity to haggle :)

We picked up a "solar shower", the camp stretcher bunks, an oven for the church, a bag full of bolts, and a laundry tub!

JB had a bit fun on the slides,
while we looked at all the old timber
gold miners cottages and buildings.

On the road again....

The way into "Dunn's Swamp"
It was VERY rough!

JB had by this stage was quite tired -
but guess who had forgotten to put his ted in the car?

It's a good thing that Daddy's jumper is a great alternative to cuddle!

When we arrived it looked like
there was going to be no where to camp!

There were people
in tents,
and vans,
and campers,
and trailers,
and caravans.....

Damo walked around until we found a nice spot. It was lucky that we hadn't tried to come in the night before, as we were told that there were no spaces available.

Would you believe that there were a family originally from PNG camped right behind us that knew Joe and Helen??

Not long after we arrived, we debated about putting up the annexe.
But not for long after a few storms rolled through!

My boys playing in the dirt!

The next day was beautiful!
Now we were waiting to see what time the H's were turning up!
It wasn't too long - someone must have been up early making lots of noise ;)

J and JB

We helped put up their tent and setting up the "camp kitchen"
We had a lot of fun cooking various meals on the fire.

Damo, Uncle Mick, Aunty Merrry

Meredith & Lizzy

We finally got a nice sunny day!
The girls and Uncle Mick decided to go for a paddle.
Damo, me, JB, J, Aunty Merry, and Katie
walked around to the big rock.

Canoeing on "Dunn's Swamp" ~ Claire Lizzy Uncle Mick

JB and "J" checking out the big rock jump!

The BIG rock jump!

Here is a photo story of the "big rock jump"

Watching the action!

The kids had a great time playing around in the sandy dirt right near the caravan.

"best mates"

book club


Rock climbing


rock climbing!

Timed Photos! =D

As we were getting more and more feral
- the landscape seemed to get more beautiful.

~ Our God is an amazing creator!

I think the only one who wasn't feral was JB
 - he managed to have a nice warm creek water bath every night!

It almost became a competition to see who could go the longest without a wash!
I did try our solar shower - its no where near as good as the real thing - but it did make you feel a little less feral!

The last feral day!

All too soon it was over and it was time for sad farewells.

JB & Lizzy

After saying goodbye to you best mate.

So would you like to try out "Dunn's Swamp" ?
I'd recommend it!

Have a wonderful day,

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  1. Who knew there were that many people in Australia who would go to a place lacking running water & toilets? Yes, we have used pit toilets often ~ they always smell. Don't use them when you have morning sickness though. Lovely to see the H's ~ even just in photos! Amazing about camping near the people from PNG!
    I've been meaning to ask have Big JO & Helen finally named their precious bundle?
    Have a good day ~ lovely talking earlier :)
    Just thinking that maybe the 'babysitters' for the equipt conference need a bit of practice ahead of time ;)
    Have fun


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