Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Its been a long time since I've had the opportunity to get on here and up date
- I can't believe it has been 8 months!!!
Everyone who reads this must have got thoroughly sick of waiting to see what was happening around here :)
So since I have had a "holiday from blogging, I thought I would show you what we got up to on our holidays this year.

We always go to Kiama. ALWAYS.

It's interesting isn't it? We are such creatures of habit!
We even stay on the same site.
But not this year.

Some of you may remember our last years holiday where we were basically flooded out?
 Well this year we decided not to risk that and we moved sites to closer to the beach.
We packed up and went down to stay with my mum and dad for a few days before going up to Kiama.
 It was nice to just stop after packing up, before trying to set up the annexe etc.
It's so good to be able to go away with our grown up girl Annette - she is such a blessing to us!
Damo JB & Annette
We missed the big low, caused by the cyclone up in QLD, but boy the surf was rough!
I've never seen it so dangerous in our usual quiet safe beach.
It was too dangerous to swim
but it was awesome to watch the power of the waves moving the sand.
Smaller surf than what it had been but still too dangerous to swim in

JB & Damo watching the massive surf
We went to Sydney twice during our 3 week stint - TWICE! (by the way I HATE Sydney).
It was good to watch JB learn about  lots of people, trains, ferries, buses.
Train from Kiama  to Sydney
Sydney Ferries
Fish and Chips @ Darling Harbour
We tripped around the aquarium - such an impressive place! JB lied on the edged of the big tanks and watched the sharks and big fish swim right over top of him :)

Madam Toussards was awesome too - very clever and so realistic! It was interesting to stand next to these wax statues of famous people - see how tall they really are.
The Queen
We had a lot of fun fishing on the days that were not much good for swimming.

JB's fish

Lots of walking too! We took JB on a huge walk - up & down lots of hills about 6kms.

The Little Blow hole

We did do a fair bit of swimming - JB learnt to swim on his own (with his vest) he was so excited!! and he is so much more grown up.
Damo went out fishing a few times on his own and even came home with a lobster!


All too soon we had to go home - can't believe how fast 3 weeks can go.
Now to wait for next year......


and yes we have a different site again!!

maybe, just maybe in a few years time we might be able to go somewhere else!

But why would you when you have found the ideal place to relax and recharge?


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