Monday, June 18, 2012

Saddness and great excitement?


Well this week has started off  with saddness.

Good friends and family are moving to another small town to do Ministry work,
off to where our Saviour leads.

We are happy for them to be doing what the Lord would want them to do,
but we are sad to have them leave our little fellowship here.

Sam - in my Sunday School Class

JB is really going to miss the fun times with his little friend Amy.
They had a fantastic time last night playing all those games that nearly 3 and 4 year olds play together
- bikes, cubby houses, dolls, trains and games.

Amy and JB - Little Monkeys!

Damo and I are really going to miss the fellowship and encouragement with Andrew and Kylie.
Time goes so quickly
and you wished you had done so many more things together!

When we got home,
we decided to try out our 'new' purchase for JB:
Toilet Steps!!!

The Great Excitement??

JB on his toilet steps.

JB very first 'wee' on the big toilet!

YAY for JB!!

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