Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cubby House Creation for JB's 3rd Birthday (20 November 2012)

During last year we had a kind offer of a cubby house
that a local family (good friends of ours) children had grown out of.
We were really excited to take on this -
 JB's birthday was coming quickly
and we wanted to get him something for outside fun
without spending a whole lot of money.
One lazy Sunday afternoon we decided to take a drive out and pick it up
- it was way bigger than we expected!

When Pete makes something it certainly isn't by half!
It was a challenge to try and work out how we were going to get it onto a trailer
to get it the few km's home.
But the boys being creative
managed to get it on without too much damage.

An overworked & tired Damo taking off the lovely pink cladding!

My big & strong nearly 3 year old helper!

Replacing cladding & roof with tin


Fitted in just like it has always been part of the garden


Feel WELCOME to drop in
for a play,
a cuppa
or a boiled egg (table tennis balls make excellent eggs!!)

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