Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Year's Eve 2012 & Damo's 40th Birthday Party

Damo had an 'extra' special birthday this year...
any birthday with a '0' on the end seems to require a  major celebration!
He really wasn't very keen - he does not like being the center of attention!
But you can't get a spit for your birthday and not have a party!
I mean a family of 3 can't eat a whole pig!!
But if you tell people that its a New Year's Eve party it might just be OK
- as long as there are no speeches, no cakes, no photos!!
The 'Pig'
Pretty Nicely done!

Damo cutting up the pig


You could not have asked for better friends to come from a long way away!
We were so thankful to have our greatest friends Mark & Susan and Uncle Mick & Aunt Merry & family come and help celebrate - not just celebrate but being such a great help setting up and cleaning up!

One best friend managed to sneak in a birthday cake - a 'fire chief' cake!
We even had a 'speech that's not a speech'

A big thank to everyone for coming and helping us celebrate!
See you next year.....

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