Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Summer Days?

Afternoon my lovely friends!

I feel like I am finally able to steal a few minutes to show you a few things.
It's been a hectic few weeks.

So many things to blog about
...holidays, summer harvesting, hay making...

all for another time.

Today has been such a day of contrasts,
 that I had to share them with you.

This morning it was quite cool - almost like Autumn
(I didn't say that out loud!)

I even had a cardigan on for a few hours c:

God's watercolours

After lunch I thought I'd do some much need weeding and mulching of our rose garden
Boy! was it hot and humid!

I looked up and brewing away nicely,
some storms on the horizon......

So I've been busy
putting away anything likely to blow away,
taking clothes off the line.....
(now I am enjoying my cuppa in peace
without the little man, who is sleeping peacefully, unaware) 

We are still waiting for them to hit here,
but we did have a power outage
for half an hour or so
its looking impressive on the radar!

I'll let you know c:

Our windmill


  1. I adore reading about your lives Corinne. You inspire me every other day. I loved sharing how you inspire me with Damien when he rang about a mechanical matter.
    P.S. Please remind him to say his last name (it took me a minute or so to figure out which 'Damien' I was talking to) lol.
    You are a beautiful photographer and story teller.
    On a personal note.... I was caught up in the Open Book Shop today and made a few purchases for gifts, but I found a string woven wrist band that I fell in love with. If you have a mobile number; could you please send it to my fb inbox.... Thank you- Erin O xoxoxo

  2. HI Corinne
    Hasn't it been interesting weather ~ the weeds are certainly growing high this summer ( & with teaching all 4 I haven't had time to be outside for ages...). I'm so glad the summers have been so much nicer than the first few we had here ~ I think God knew I'd be running away quickly if He sent too many of that super hot dry weather :)
    Hope you have a nice week
    Lovely pictures!


I really enjoy reading what you think about our daily lives! Thanks for reading, Corinne.