Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Helen & Joe baby update

Good morning everyone,
Today is a wet one, not far away some people have had 6" overnight on already saturated ground!
We have had almost 2".

So here is a short update on Helen and the bub.

Helen was admitted to Hospital on Monday - just observation

Tuesday morning they gave her "pills" to induce labour,
and then sent her down to the markets?!?!?!?!?!?
she was to go back at 4pm for more tablets.

Joe was going to get Helen some tea from the market when we spoke to him last night.
We are hoping that he finds out what these pills are so we can find out if they are safe....

PLEASE pray that they ARE the safe ones...

love Corinne xxoo


  1. It's just so different from over here isn't it! Praying for them all


I really enjoy reading what you think about our daily lives! Thanks for reading, Corinne.