Friday, February 24, 2012

Summer Harvest

A selection of our Summer Harvest
Well this summer has been incredible for growing pretty well anything!

I don't think there has been a week go by without any rain - this is highly irregular here for summer!

Most summers we are struggling
with sun burn on all our fruit and vegetables,
struggling to have enough water
(our only water supply comes from our smallish dam and tanks on our house),
and wondering if it would be a whole lot easier if you just bought it all!

Usually we have crazy high temperatures of between 30 and 45'c,
trying to convince yourself to do gardening in that kind of weather is just plain hard work!

Like I said this year has been such a blessing to a drought hardened lady (and garden!)
I don't think there has been a day over 37'c for the whole summer
Everyday I thank God for this little respite.

I thought I would share a picture story of the bits and pieces that I harvested so far this season.

This is my brand new herb garden (planted last October)

Yellow Butter Beans

Purple King Beans (have done super well)

Strawberries (I can pick nearly a whole 9 ltr bucket every 3 days or so) I was selling them to the little cafe in town.

Tomato (they did OK, want to do more next year)

Silver beat, Button Squash always do well here

I hang my herbs to dry in my pantry


  1. What a lovely garden and such great photos.

  2. Wonderful garden. It is awesome to find another gardener, who is a Christian! I hope you will follow back.


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