Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We had 2 ducklings back in September....
We accidentally forgot to put them away one night and they just   *disappeared* (fox we think)

So when we went away for our summer holidays to Kiama,
on the way we saw a sign in one of the many small towns that you pass through advertising ducklings, chickens and the like,
I mentally tucked away that it might be nice to replace them.

JB certainly had a lot of fun with the last pair we had.

So, as we were driving past I suggested that maybe we should go and have a look to hubby....

He is not at all keen on the idea of chicken's, but apparently ducks are OK?!

Anyway, we pulled in to this yard - 18 foot caravan and all -
I must say it was the most interesting and scary place that I have been to for quite some time!

There were yards and cages with various animals everywhere!
~Including those BIG NASTY looking dogs~
I was hoping that they were all behind the fences.

I looked at Damo

He said - if you want them you are going to have to go and ask for them.


oh well I thought, here goes.
So I got out and then 'yelled' -  there was NO way I was going to go into the yard and knock on the door!

Eventually, the owners came out and took us into the small shed with hundreds of various chickens and ducklings.

The 'man' caught the two that I thought were pretty cute with a small fish net.
Into a cardboard box they went and off we went home!

They were pretty little - so we left them inside for a few days in a cardboard box.

Everyday JB sat on the lounge and had cuddles with them.
He named them 'blue' and 'white'.

Babies of any description grow up so fast don't they?

It seems like just yesterday we brought JB home from the hospital - a tiny little bundle of cuddles!
Now he is demanding his Independence in so many ways! :)


These tiny little ducks are now huge, flying their way around our small block!

JB still plays with them everyday ~
Now he chases them around the back yard, crash tackling them
and sometimes carrying them around upside down, no less!

Isn't she graceful?

I've learnt something having ducks!

Did you know that the 'girl' ducks talk the most and the loudest? :D
They also have a much shorter tail.

'Boy' ducks have a squeaky quack and they hardy ever 'talk'
They also have the longest tail and a handsome red 'mask' around their beaks.

Happy Quacking!

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  1. Those ducks are so charming...and lucky that you rescued them from that disgusting place! I would love to have ducks; but fear that the cats will kill them.

  2. Hi Debora! You should try ducks - we 'have' a cat (it is completely wild) it doesn't seem to bother them at all. (I wouldn't leave them out until they were bigger than fluffy little chicks!). :) We kept them in a cage for quite a while.

  3. They also squirt all over the place!
    But they are cute and looks like they're a winner with JB.
    God bless,


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