Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Farwell to "old red"

Yesterday we sold our old red truck!

Part of me is a little sad
(OK I'll be honest I'm quite a bit sad!)

There are quite a few memories attached to the old girl...

We picked her up and drove her to a good friends wedding the day we bought her
(our car on the back so we didn't have to drive two vehicles home)

- we got changed in public toilets a 1/2 hour before the church service! :)
You should just once try and put stockings on in public toilets where the doors don't quite shut,
putting make-up on while looking into your reflection in a piece of shinny tin!

Quite a few trips as newly weds to various 'old engine rallies',

collecting our new front fence,

a long drive to pick up various things
like our forklift
~ a good five hour drive one way ~
with the picnic packed and our almost grown-up girl, 'Net'.

Carting water for our brand new garden during the drought.

Our only water supply is a small dam and a few water tanks collecting rain water off our house and shed.
After 2 years of drought, there was no water for us or the garden.
It had to be carted from town on a tank on 'old red'.
This picture is of a dust storm - lots of wind, lots of dust, sometimes thunder and lightening - but no rain. It was taken from our verandah.

picking up our small squares of new hay
with little JB sitting up on my knee
as I tried to wrestle with the steering wheel one handed
~ without tipping poor Damo off ~ 
while I lined the bales up

I'm happy though 

~ Damo and I are going to make new memories~

with the money from old red
we'll  'do up' our rusty old Indiana Truck!

I can imagine the slow old fashioned trips with our growing family...

 cold winter's days with thermos packed,

hot summer evenings watching the glorious sunset,

Tonight's sunset. Today's Temperature 36'c.

Tonight's sunset. Our Driveway facing southwest. Storms rolling around us.

 the rolling spring time storms,

 fresh Autumn nights with the brightest

No doubt there will be plenty to post about :D



  1. really enjoyed the read Binni :) i have my memory's to would you believe :) Damo, Bradley and myself going to Warrens to pick up the Lamborghini tractor and me following the truck in Warrens Ute. first time i think i remember driving... Stalled it 7 times in one paddock before reliseing that i needed to put my foot on the clutch to stop :) lol :) and bogged it too.. Brad has never let me forget it :) Good memories around and with that truck :) and i cant wait to see the restored Indiana :) look forward to the updates since i cant get out there as often as i hoped :(

    Thanks Binni

    Matt :)

  2. Oh, you must be so attached to your land and home...the pictures are spectacular. Each prettier than the last. Good luck with the new 'old' truck!

  3. Though I am sorry for you to have to let Old Red go, I have no doubt you beautiful Indiana truck will give you many great adventures too. I am your newest follower. I am looking forward to your next post. Thank you for sharing this great post full of lots of beautiful pictures on the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop!

  4. Oh I look forward in seeing it when it's done up! Love the pictures ~ especially the ones from earlier on. You guys have done so very much with the place ( come & do mine ) ;)
    Great post!

  5. I love all your pictures. My husband loved your old red. He was looking over my shoulder. He told me to let him know when you post anything new on the other truck. I am now following your blog. Or should I say we are following your blog.LOL


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