Monday, March 14, 2011

Kiama Holidays 2011 24th January 3 1/2 weeks!

The first few days we had on our own as a family
Graham and Leah came down for 4 days.
We had so much fun I forgot to take any photos!
Kathy & Wes came for a week
Glenn and Jenni Millar and William came for a week
We had some fun nights of games and coffee.
David and Renata and their 4 angels came
-eel cooking
Kathy and Wes came back
Peter & Liz came for a few days
 - 42 degrees!
-good game though!
Nettles stayed with us too!
-JB's room mate
-tea with her dad Martin
-Church & Dinner in Nowra
A few days on our own

We had an awesome time with our great friends!
What a view! Saddleback Mountain

Judah & JB

Swim Swim Swim!
JB - let me at the surf!
Who said heights have to be scary!
Nettles was a great room mate!

Cousin Millie! great to have
someone JB's size to play!

JB & Dad
A lovely walk along the head
Little Blowhole

Slippery slides were THE best fun!
Not too scared to get back on
after falling off head first!

Mr Independent.
Walking along the wharf
after eating ice cream.

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