Monday, March 14, 2011

5 March - Charlie meets her man (again)

On Saturday Adam helped us move our cow out to meet her man.
It was a very eventful kind of day.
We started by carting in our 3rd cut of lucern hay (about 190 small squares) 
We went to borrow a  horse float to transport the cow - however the tyres were had it and for some reason it had a boat sitting on top of it, so we went to plan number two.
We had to borrow a trailor.
When we got out to the property, we had to move the bull and couple of calves into another paddock, unfortuately, the calves didn't follow the bull....
So I was there with the grumpy bull and charlie (who was a bit distressed because we had just taken her away from her calves). She pushed her way out of the gate and ran off bellowing to the other calves (who weren't even hers!).
So I shut the gate tight and start to walk off with the lead to catch her again...
Meanwhile, the bull was quite disturbed that I had shut him away from his prospective wife and jumped the fence and came running behind me, (I have THE biggest fear of bulls) so I ran.
Anyway, we did eventually move the bull, calves and charlie to where they were meant to be- but not without JB learning to yell babble babble COWS babble babble and swinging his arms around. :0
On our way back to town, I spotted smoke and we hot tailed it to the fire shed and put out a caravan fire!
Now, Adam That's what I call a country experience!

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