Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Introducing Jellybean

Here are the first pictures of our little jellybean!
He looked just like a little jellybean, and so his nick name was found :)

What an amazing experience!

I still can not find words to describe all those feelings...

Thank you Heavenly Father for the safe arrival of our healthy little boy.

How proud is his Daddy!

Week 2 ~ We were all so tried but happy...nothing like a Sunday afternoon snooze! :)

How small was his tiny head and how big his Daddy's hands.

Our first big drive - A trip to Sydney at 3 weeks old to pick up Joe & Helen (Our PNG friends) and stay with our Sydney Mum & Dad (Les & Carol)

Growing up so fast, smiling and giggling,,and just a little drunk!

JB and his toys and good mates..theres nothing like a good bath!

A great day of celebration was the day that we had Jacob dedicated. We made our promises to God to bring up our beautiful little boy to know our Lord Jesus as his saviour.

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