Tuesday, August 26, 2014

CrAZy WInTeR dAYs since May!

I thought I'd share something that I found while going through a little bit of TAX paper work.
I really hate doing our tax - I am never organised enough - and I always declare that I will be more organised the following year and I never am! arhhh!
thankfully I leave (on purpose ~ not really!) Funny little things like the picture above to amuse myself and make me laugh when I really do not feel like it :)
Our special girl Nettles was always saying things without actually thinking them through first. We started up a Nettleism book with all the things she used to say.
Beautiful Girl!
During March we agreed to do some short term care of a young girl ~ one day when I can I will write a bit more about this experience - but for now - it has been a learning curve and we have really enjoyed watching her grow and learn!  
Short term has turned into 6 months and she feels like a part of our family.

We had Easter hat parades (I know this was before May but who could resist this forced smile?!)

We had some good rain finally - we took the kiddos out to play in the water - it is a treasured memory - it doesn't seem to rain here all that often! Our little girl could NEVER remember playing in mud so Jacob had a great time introducing her to splashing in muddy puddles!


The long weekend in June we went up to help some good friends get their property ready to rent - it was a full on weekend of painting, tiling and fixing up. It was also a wonderful time of fellowship with blood family and Christian family. What a blessing!

Jacob also managed to get his very first black eye on our weekend away by falling down some outside steps - it was a beauty!


JB caught the school bus for the first time to preschool - it made going to preschool so much nicer - no tears, no worries !!!!
There were numerous other things going on - but most of them are worth of a post all of there own!


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