Friday, May 23, 2014

It's been a while....

I decided that I really needed to keep a better diary of what is happening around here, on the "farm" and around our family.
It seemed very obvious when I had a look and saw the photos that I had loaded here (see below!) and I believe they were taken towards then end of October 2013!?
Even more so, when I looked back and I have no record of the exact time that we brought our new milk cow  'milky'.
Which is actually more frustrating than you might think.
You see the farmer that I brought 'Milky' off said that she would be due to calf around March... as of today this hasn't actually happened - even though she looks like she is quite pregnant and I have been assured by my good friend Renata that she definitely is!
Damien is saying that she has a phantom pregnancy...
Now if I had of actually kept a record of when at least I could say it was a possibility still or not!

The other reason is that our family is growing and changing very quickly!
JB is 4 1/2 and is definitely acting like it!
He is getting so tall and enjoying being Daddy's big helper.
 He started preschool as well, which has been a bit of a trial (for both him and me!)

Our family has also grown in size!
As of March our family grew by one very cute teenage girl.
We are doing some Foster care and so far it has been quite an eye opener.
We are learning together and things have been quite smooth considering all that these poor kiddos have had to deal with.
So from now on I am going to try to be on here at least once a month
(I just typed moth... I shall endeavour NOT to allow it to gather moths before I am back on here!).
I will try to throw in some back dated things so at least we can have a photo record of what we have been up to over the past 12 months.

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